Filter for photos Comic type cartoon effect

Filter for photos Comic type cartoon effect

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filter for photos comic type cartoon effect

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Photo effect that will make your photo a filter comic style, in which the colors of your image will be very similar to if they were painted as in a drawing that reminds the style of a typical comic adventure.

It is very simple to make this photo effect, just upload a photo and select the part of the image you want and in a few seconds you will have the filter to convert photo into comic! It's very simple to make a cartoon style filter in your photo and it will look like it was drawn by hand by a professional draftsman. You won't need anything more than to upload a photo of yourself and in a couple of clicks and totally free.

You will have your forum transformed, without having to download any complex program and online, sure that it will be great for your profile picture.

Here you can see the before and after of how the filter will look:

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