Create passport photos for printing online

Create passport photos for printing online

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Create passport photos for printing online
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To create the effect you just have to upload 1 photo, it's very simple and fast! Click the button below to get started:


Select a photo with white background and the system will generate a pdf with several photos in passport size to print and do online. With our templates you no longer have to go to the photo booth or photographer, but you can do it from home simply with a printer and have your passport photos for any use you need as a library card, or club member. To make your photo card online will cost you only what it costs the paper and ink of the printer, a few cents! In addition the effect adds the passport photos in a pdf file in a4 format so they will be printed in the standard size without any problem of how to print a passport size photo.
With our editor you will have the perfect size for the photo of your identification document and you will be able to print it since we created a pdf file, with the topos in sizes 2x2 or 3x4 you have several types to choose and you will be able to convert a photo in several without much effort. It is perfect no longer have to wait a long time in the photographer to relieve the photographs but you can do it comfortably from home without waiting and in a few seconds.
How to make your photos with the correct size to print for your passport or DNI?
1.- Upload a photo in which you come out looking frontally.
2.- Now it's time to adjust the cropping of the photo, you see... it's very simple.
3.- Click on finish and download your file ready to print!
4.- Now all you have to do is cut out the pictures with a scissors and you have it, it's very simple and totally free.