Put a black ribbon on your photos online

Put a black ribbon on your photos online

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put black ribbon on ur photos online
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You have 4 different ribbons to add to your photo, click on the button to start.


Did you wonder how to put a black ribbon in your image? Share your photos of social networks with a black tie that you can add in the photo you upload, it is very simple and you have 4 different types of black ribbons to edit. To put a black crepe on your photo you just have to upload the image in which you want to put the loop, and then select the type of design, that you want, with shading, imitating a textile loop or a frame in which the loop will be in a corner.
It is very simple to add a black ribbon of mourning in the image you want, in a few seconds you will have your photo created .. to honor those special people by putting a black ribbon on your photo in a few seconds and online without having to download any program.
You can also add a dedication text in a very simple way.

Put a black ribbon on your photos online. ..
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