A frame for photos with Christmas decorations

Create your Christmas frames for photos in a few seconds by clicking here and following the simple instructions.


It is wood carved on a white background accompanied by candles, balls, hearts, stars, ribbons, bows and spruce branches, appears behind a Christmas tree with your gift in which you can put your photo in the center and is perfect for that you can print and use as a Christmas frame for photos. It is ideal to put a picture of your family and friends and create a warm Christmas atmosphere, for example by sticking it in the fridge or next to the fireplace. You do not need to buy a photo frame, since the design itself creates this effect at a cost of just printing the image.
To create this wonderful frame you just have to upload a photo that you can do for example with your mobile phone and in just a couple of clicks you can adjust your photo to the frame and then also with our editor you can add the text of congratulation or union you want, for example: We wish you all a Merry Christmas! This effect of Christmas border is completely free and you can do it both from your computer and smartphone.

How is my Christmas design going to be? Here is an example