Christmas cards

Create online Christmas cards with your photo and add Christmas photomontages in a very simple way with our editor of frames and frames for Christmas photos. It is very easy to do without having to download anything Christmas cards with photo which you can send by email or print personalized with your own photos.

  • Put two photos together with a decorative Christmas wreath with this effect
  • Christmas postcard with red ball and ornaments with the text MERRY CHRISTMAS in
  • Christmas wreath to decorate your picture
  • Frame for two photos, which we see Santa Claus and his reindeer Rudolf favorite
  • Children frame with Santa Claus and two kids to put a photo
  • Congratulations 2023 with golden letters on your
  • Original new year greeting card written on snow with your photo inside a snow house
  • Christmas Collage with flowers to personalize with three photos
  • Photo frame with Christmas decorations, special for congratulation by email
  • Frame for photos shaped as a round Christmas ornament
  • Photo frame with christmas tree ornaments that you can use as a Christmas greeting
  • Christmas cards animated with lights
  • Christmas card with your photo on a white rectangular frame
  • Put your picture next to this Christmas card with ornaments
  • Postcard / Christmas picture frame where you put an image
  • Put your photo on a Christmas tree with Santa Claus
  • Christmas frame to put your picture with a cat singing
  • Phptp frame of 2 photos, star-shaped frame ans winter background scenery
  • Post to congratulate Christmas with HAPPY CHRISTMAS text and red background with a
  • Online photo frame for photos to celebrate a Happy New Year
  • Your photo in a circular frame, next to a Christmas tree full of gifts, and behind
  • Fun Christmas postcard in which you can put 3 photos
  • Christmas card to put 4 photos with text: MERRY
  • Christmas card to make with your favorite photos (4) reading HAPPY
  • Photomontage Christmas tree where you can put 4 pictures on the lighted balls
  • Christmas card for editing
  • Christmas Card for a photo frame on the frame look out three reindeer and a crimson
  • Postcard with Christmas decorations to put your photo
  • Photo effect of a Christmas truck to upload a photo
  • Jesus birth Christmas card to upload your photo
  • Put two of your photos on a Christmas frame with Santa Claus
  • Funny Christmas photo effect where you can put two pictures on Christmas balls
  • Frame for two photos of angels and candles for Christmas congratulations
  • Postcard with green background and Christmas gifts to put your photo in the
  • Collage of Christmas star to upload four photos
  • Online Christmas card with gifts to add your picture

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Christmas is a very special time that deserves to be remembered with decorative photomontages. And what better way to make a good Christmas postcard decorated with your most personal photos?

How to make Christmas photo memories ? It is very simple and without need to have knowledge in design, with our online image editor you will have to choose among the hundreds of montages that we have of varied designs or frames with ornaments and garlands Christmas for one or several photos. Then you just have to upload the images you want to highlight this Christmas from your computer or smartphone, adjust and crop it as you see fit and you will have a nice creation ready to share with your friends and family.

You can also write whatever you want about postcards and effects created, with the tool to add text, and express yourself without limits, add a nice message or dedication and you can customize it with the color that you want, any type and size of letter Try it!

And to give it a last special touch, stick in your creations decals and stickers of Christmas motif, such as stars, Santa hats, decorated balls, garlands and much more in our stickers section in the online editor.

Do you want to become Santa Claus this December? We have the best virtual costumes to upload your photo and see you with the typical suit and red hat and white beard. Personify Santa and Mrs. Claus with these varied, fun and attractive assemblies to fit your face. They will have fun!

Happy Christmas cards

Merry Christmas postcards new year

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Dedicate a card to wish Happy Christmas to someone special, and you will surprise that person to see that your detail is totally personalized and original. You will also get images to edit with the Child Jesus and the Three Wise Men and celebrate. Do not forget to make a significant gift on these dates of happy holidays , that's why we put at your disposal all the free mounts and frames with stars, snowflakes, gifts, ribbons and much affection with the best possible way as it is with a unique detail that you will be able to do with your own images and totally free.

Do you want to customize your Christmas pictures?

You can create your own Christmas photomontages in a very easy way thanks to our photo effects to greet the holidays. We also have a great variety of Xmas eCards for you to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter,... You can also greet the New Year with our new year cards that we have at Photofunny. Choose your favorite ones and share them with your friends to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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