Photomontage to put a Christmas hat in your photo

Photomontage to put a Christmas hat in your photo

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photomontage to put christmas hat in ur photo

To create the effect you just have to upload 1 photo, it's very simple and fast! Click the button below to get started:


Put a Santa Claus hat (Santa) red on your photos with this sticker that you can put on the head of who you want and online without downloading anything.
In a few seconds you will have your Christmas image decorated with the red and white cap of Santa Claus ho ho ho !!! You have four different types of hats you can choose from.
Put the Santa Claus hat on your photo with this fun Christmas photomontage with which you will make a very nice photo that you can use to congratulate Christmas. Become the Santa Claus of this Christmas with this funny photomontage that you can customize by uploading your photo and put the red cap and white beard of Santa Claus and adjust it in your face with the editor and you will see that real is the assembly with which you will make everyone laugh. Share this effect in your networks so that they see you as Santa and it's free.
Christmas is coming and the best way to celebrate is to put in your profile picture Santa's hat or red hat, you can do it online and choose several types. In a few seconds you will have your photo decorated in a very nice way with our Christmas editor totally free. How to make the photomontage with the Christmas cap? You have come here wanting to have an original photo, and in a few seconds you can do it, first of all you have to give it to upload a photo, here you have to upload a photo of your computer or mobile phone. The next step is to adjust the cap to your head in a very simple way! Now you have it ready, click on "Finish" and you will have it ready to download and change your profile picture or share on your social networks to present your friends in a very original way.

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