Putting your photo on a birthday cake

Putting your photo on a birthday cake

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putting ur photo on birthday cake

To create the effect you just have to upload 1 photo, it's very simple and fast! Click the button below to get started:


Online montage to put your photo inside a white and pink cake to put inside your photo, you have many different types of designs to make your photos along with cakes, cupcakes and other elements surrounded by a party with cups, candles and gifts. If you're thinking of an original way to congratulate someone, you've found it with this photomontage!
Where you can put the picture of your choice inside a cake and create this birthday photo montage to print, or send it to the birthday person.
It's so simple that in less than 30 seconds you'll have your original and perfect birthday postcard to give away.
If you want to use a greeting consisting of putting a photo of the birthday person inside a birthday cake now you can do it in a very simple way and with a professional effect in which it will seem that the photo of the person comes out on the strong birthday cake and is a perfect effect to congratulate the birthday person by creating a design worthy of a professional in which you can also add a personalized greeting text and create a birthday card that will surely make a lot of excitement to whoever gives it away; Upload your photo and create the design in just a few seconds with this pastel montage in which the image will appear surrounded by lighted candles.

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