Photomontage to put your photo on the cover of a newspaper

Photomontage to put your photo on the cover of a newspaper

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photomontage to put ur photo on the cover of newspaper

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If you want to become the news of the day put your favorite picture on the cover of this pack of newspapers with a blue background. With this montage you will become very popular on your favorite Facebook or social network. Try not to laugh at the result! Imagine that you are walking down the street and you see yourself on the cover of all the newspapers in a kiosk or that you see lying on the floor. Imagine that your girlfriend or husband sees you on the cover of all the newspapers. Create a fun joke by uploading a funny picture of your soccer friends to the cover of this batch of newspapers. Its a cool, fun, professional effect with which youll be able to make those who follow you on social networks laugh.
When you finish creating this effect, keep surfing our page without stopping because we have more than a thousand created effects waiting for you to discover it. Surely you find one ideal to brighten the afternoon or make a loved one smile that is having a bad time. You will see that good time will happen if, in addition, your son or daughter accompanies you and between the two you perform some effects together. She will open her eyes a lot while you teach them how to create their first effect without the need for Photoshop.
Sometimes, the best things are those that are free so do not be fooled and put our page in favorites so that whenever you want to have a good time you have at hand where to spend an alternative and different weekend. Try our photographic effects created with the leading technology of the internet 8.0 and flip with the comic and flashy results that we offer you.

Upload your photo to the cover of all these newspapers and feel like a super star of the world that becomes the first news for something wonderful that has happened to him and that has left the entire planet open.

Photomontage with someone reading a newspaper and taking a cup of coffee with two holes to put your pictures and appear in the