Magazine covers to add photos


Magazine covers to put your photos and surprise your friends. Through this service to put photos in magazines, you can add your images very easily to the covers of the most famous magazines. In addition these backgrounds of photo magazines are completely free!

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    Customize covers of famous magazines with your own photo and the text that you want and you will surprise your friends who will believe that you are famous. You will be the king of the pink press with these photomontages of famous magazines with your photo. Do you want to feel like a celebrity? Do you want to be the cover of "Hello", "Vogue", "Rolling Stone", "Frames", "Brand", etc? Do you want to imagine that you are a Hollywood or sports star? I'm going to tell you a secret ... You really are! Just upload a picture of yourself or a good friend or family member and let your ego inflate by looking on the cover of your favorite magazine. In a fast, simple way you can have a highly professional result in a matter of seconds and without needing to download Photoshop. The result will amuse you, because it is very, very funny. Try not to laugh at the result ... It's impossible! Share, when you finish designing online and free, the result by social networks. You'll see how the publication fills you with "I like you", "likes" and many smyles. Everyone is going to be very funny! And, when you finish, keep browsing our page. We have created millions of free designs for you to have a great time with us. We want to be your friend!

    Magazine covers to add photos

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