Online QR code generator with photo

Online QR code generator with photo

5.- Select the color of the QR code

Create your QR code in one click with your photo online.


Photo effect to generate online the QR code of a website, a text a phone along with the image you want. You only have to upload the photo you want and enter the url of the website you want to generate the QR code and in a few seconds you'll have it ready to print.
steps to follow to generate the QR code
of your website and join it with your photo

Upload the photo you want to put in

the montage.
- In the text area
to the end button, put the web address, phone number or the text you want to be displayed when the QR code is scanned.


In a few seconds and totally free!

the qr code online in a couple of clicks you will have it ready to print without the need to download any program and in a very easy way, you will be able to put it together with a photo and generate a perfect montage

.In addition you can generate the QR code in colors and put the color you want.