Stick the ears and nose of a puppy in your free photo

Stick the ears and nose of a puppy in your free photo

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stick the ears and nose of puppy in ur free photo

To create the effect you just have to upload 1 photo, it's very simple and fast! Click the button below to get started:


Photomontage to edit your photo and paste on the ears and nose of the Snapchat dog as an online sticker and have fun with your friends sharing this effect that everyone loves. Put the famous filter of the puppy sticking out his tongue. With this effect you will look like a dog with dropped ears, you do not need to download snapchat to do this assembly since you can do it online and put the famous dog filter in your photo in a few seconds, you do not need to download anything and you can do it as many times as you want, we do not ask you to register or anything and you can disguise your photos in a very funny way ...

The result is so funny that you will be laughing for hours. Imagine what your family and friends will laugh when you upload the result to your favorite social networks. Its really amazing and amazing how good it is. The best thing is that it is super easy to do, this wonderful and sweet photomontage. We will have fun on this day doing the thousand and one photomontages that we offer on this page. The best thing is that it is totally free and fast.

A dog snout, ears on your face to the second!

Whether you are a boy or a girl, man or woman, grandpa or grandma, you can use our free technology to become a cartoon dog without the need for aesthetic operations. Life is two days and you can not get to the second day without trying this super fun free dog effect.

Come on!

Dog filter Snapchat sticking out his tongue to put on your face