With photofunny.net you can create photo funny effects, collages and photomontages.

I get the effect with a black image. What have I done wrong?
If the picture going to black this is due to an error of the uploaded image that is damaged. Try another photo.

It takes a long time to upload the image
The current cameras take high resolution images, which makes getting on the server to take a long time.
. We suggest using a image smaller than 2MB and to register to avoid having to re-upload the photos each time you create an effect.

I want more photo effects!
We update photofunny.net with new photo effects every week, but if oyu want some in particular you only you should contact us and ask us what you want!

How to crop the image in the first step:
ayuda recorte

Here is a video of how to create a photo montage:

Download the Photofunny.net application in:

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