Photo montage to put your photo with Cristiano Ronaldo

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Put the Christian footballer next to you with this photomontage in which simply uploading a photo will appear that Cristiano Ronaldo is by your side making the sign of victory. It may also look like your photo on your shirt or in a painting that is holding the Portuguese crack. Among others, we also have to choose the montage with Cristiano crying or put a photo on a girl who accompanies him. The truth is that they are all very funny, ideal to laugh with colleagues or send a surprise to a relative or follower of Real Madrid. Now, Ronaldo, plays in Italy, specifically in Juventus to which he scored a great goal of earwig that amazed the public and that applauded him on foot. Well, now, quickly and easily, you can be that hero of Turin who helped Real Madrid win so many titles. Ronaldo is a seducer, a very handsome man ... How would you see yourself in his body? Would you like to look handsome, rich and tall? Would you like to be him? Are you your true fan? Well from today, you can upload your photo and in a few seconds be him. Of course ... do not stay this photomontage just for you. Pass it to all your Facebook friends and social networks. Because they are very, very funny photomontages. You will see. Try one and you will always be making photomontages of this player because he is a crack, like you. You both deserve each other. By the way, it is said that Cristiano wants to take Marcelo to his team ... will it be true? Do you want to put your face in Marcelos face? Well, very soon you can do it, here. But now you have one of Cristiano Ronaldo, the winner of 5 balls of another. Imagine that you drive their cars and that you are married to Georgina.