Jesus birth Christmas card to upload your photo

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Create your card with the birth of Jesus and your photo by clicking on the button.


Create cards with the crib of the birth of the child Jesus in which you can upload your free photo to this online photomontage with the Child Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the text Merry Christmas and share it on your social networks.
You can select several designs, from realistic births to figures or drawings as if it were a painting. On these postcards you can put a photo in the composition and create a very special card for these days of Christmas and celebration of the birth of the child god of Bethlehem.

You can also section a card in which the star of Bethlehem and the three wise men come to see the newborn and bring him gold, incense and myrrh.
How to create your birth certificate ? Its very simple, first select one of the effects you want to use, they are all free.
Then you just have to select a photo from your computer or take it out with your cell phone and in the next step you can adjust the photo so that it is perfect! Now you only have to print it to give it to your loved ones or friends or send it to them through social networks or whatsapp!
Ahh you can also add a greeting text on the card.

How is my Christmas design going to be? Here is an example

Jesus birth Christmas card to upload your photo