Reminders christening to print


In this section you have to choose funds for Baptism Reminders, many templates for a future baptism, and different cards for the celebration that you can print for free. You can also make photo frames for baptisms to print.

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    You have to choose between christening invitations, christening invitations with photo, baptism cards of different types, all the material you want for free and online! Just upload a picture of your baby to create the best baptism invitations to print. If the baptism of your son or daughter is close and you want to save money at the christening: this is your page. Thanks to our technology you can create invitations and reminders of your child's baptism yourself. Or add original content to the photo album of that day in which your child meets God and he enters his heart, thanks to the holy water. In a matter of seconds, you can upload a photo of your little creature and create the content for free, online but with very high image quality. Test among the ten designs that we offer you and create a special reminder for a lifetime. What happiness! What a beautiful day you will all have as a family!

    Reminders christening to print

    Put your photo in this frame decorated with 3 angels. ..
    Template free memory card with a photograph Reason Communion of Jesus with Bible and chalice. You can download or send the reminder card to an e-mail..
    Image to add your photo with John the Baptist and Jesus Christ ..
    Frame for two photos with lilac flowers and background of the same..
    Frame for two photos of angels and candles for Christmas..
    Photo frame with flowers and puppies. Upload your photo and put it in the..
    Picture frame pink background with clouds and stars shining on you insert a picture. They appear a little angel with a halo with your hands together in prayer..
    Christmas photo effect to put your photo. ..
    Photo frame with winged fairy images that put a photo..
    Special photo frame with clouds ..
    Framework for a photo with border of violet flowers ..
    Christmas card to personalize with your photo, a tree and a candle. ..
    Cupid sticker to put on of your photos ..
    Photomontage to put two pictures made with flowers and a..
    Sticker drawing of an angel. ..
    Remembrance First Communion card with photo and text. It consists of a floral frame oval, cross and soft colors where to put a picture and the words of your..
    Photomontage of orange-haired fairy with flowers and dressed in matching purple background memorandum spherical space and a photo frame to include your..
    Square frame with colorful flowers in mosaic pictures easily customize and add your..
    Photo frame with white flowers and a fabric  ..
    Photo frame for multi-effect baby photo. with an angel and a baby sleeping. For four..
    Christian sticker of a blue cross for your photo ..
    Postcard with cross and blue bird for a christening invitation. ..
    Customizable photo frame with a picture of pink background and trimmed flower..
    Sticker of a cross of pink and white color for your photos ..
    Blue postcard with frame for invitation to baptism. ..
    Photomontage with your photo of the first communion ..
    Pink christening invitation with photo with a cross as detail...
    Pink frame in invitation for a christening. ..
    Yellow invitation with photo frame for baptisms. ..
    Frame to put a picture of angels celebrating a birthday..