Photomontage of Chucky to put your face

Photomontage of Chucky to put your face

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photomontage of chucky to put ur face

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Become the famous horror character Chucky, with a knife, uploading your photo and creating this perfect online montage to scare and surprise your friends in your social networks. You can also create other effects like Chucky Tiffany's girlfriend where you can put your face and create terrifying designs that will be perfect for your profile picture. All you have to do is upload a photo of your face or who you want to get the effect and create these designs without downloading anything. You can also use it for halloween as a virtual costume and it's free.

Photomontage of Tiffany, the girlfriend of Chucky to add your photo ..
Photomontage with a scene of the movie Chucky where you can be the victim ..