Photomontages of movies


Photomontages with scenes and actors of films where you can edit and put the photo that you want for free. You will find posters of old cinematographic tapes and the Latest films also with the possibility to edit them with our online tool and to add your image as you want, then download in your computer or mobile and share with all your friends to demonstrate your passion for the world of cinema . These effects to modify are free and very easy to customize, to become the protagonist of your own movie and be the most famous and cool of the place, just need a photo to start unleashing your imagination.

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    Select from dozens of film-related effects, from disguising yourself in your protagonist or frames inspired by the most famous films.

    Photomontages of movies

    Insert the face you want in an Avatar thanks to this effect ..
    Incredible Hulk photomontage to put your face ..
    Photomontage of Chucky to put your face ..
    Template of photomontage of Yoda from Star Wars to add your face ..
    Photomontage to put your photo on the face of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars ..
    Photomontage to become in Wonder Woman uploading your photo ..
    Put your face on Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy,   ..
    Montage of a "WANTED" poster in wizard version. ..
    Put your face in this photomontage and become in Maleficent. ..
    Photomontage that you can put the face you want in the body of Rambo ..
    Photomontage of Leonardo Dicaprio in a toast with a wine glass. ..
    Photomontage of ET to put your face on the alien ..
    Mounting to put a face to Will Ferrell in the movie Elf ..
    Become in Wolverine from the movie X Men with this mounting ..
    Photomontage of Kylo Ren to put your photo in his face ..
    Photomontage of Obi Wan Kenobi in the movie Star Wars. Create the collage with your..
    Online effect to be Hulk in a movie scene ..
    Monsters Inc. Photomontage ..
    Put your face in this online photomontage of Conan the Barbarian. ..
    Become in Spock of Star Trek with this photomontage online ..
    Be Fiona with her husband Shrek editing this montage online ..
    Photomontage of Michael Myers from the movie Halloween to put your face ..
    Put your face on Wonder Woman and Superman with this fun effect ..
    Template with Tony Montana in Scarface to make a montage with your face ..
    Photomontage of Megan Fox in a scene to add a image ..
    Photo effect of Star Wars VII poster to upload your photo ..
    Photomontage to appear on the poster of the movie Twilight as Bella ..
    Become in the adventurer Lara Croft with this effect to edit ..
    Photomontage with a scene of the movie Chucky where you can be the victim ..
    Photomontage of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond 007. Put your picture in famous..
    Put the face you want in the body of Bella, the main character in Twilight ..
    Photomontage to put the face you want to the cat with Boots from the movie Shrek ..
    Michael Jackson with ET, Michael Jackson montage of your..
    Photomontage of the alien head cone to put your photo in..
    Be Kung Fu Panda with this photomontage that you can edit for free ..
    Background for photos of Elsa ..
    Put your face on the character of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft ..
    Photomontage of Harry Potter with a crystal ball ..
    Appear on the cover of the film GoodFellas with this online mounting ..
    Put your face in the famous Liam Hemsworth. ..
    Photomontage where you and your baby can easily and free become characters of the
    Photomontage to put your photo in the reflection of Spiderman ..
    Become in Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz Protagonist ..
    Photomontage to put your face on the protagonist of Tropic Thunder ..
    Spider Man with the shield of Captain America to put your photo ..
    Photomontage of Edward Scissorhands to put your face in this character ..
    Online photomontage of Mini I of the Austin Powers movies. ..
    Toy Story Childrens frame with the two main characters in the film. ..
    Photomontage to be part of the gladiators movie poster 300 ..
    Photomontage to put a face to Kristen Stewart, with Robert Pattinson ..
    Photo montage of a hooded man where you can add your face ..
    Photomontage with Christian Bale, the last Batman to put your photo. ..
    Photo frame from the movie Titanic ..
    Create a photomontage for Hallowwen with pálicula scene of Kubrick, the Shining, based on Stephen Kings..
    Photo effect of three characters of Star Wars for two photos ..
    Photomontage to put your face on the actress Uma Thurman in Kill Bill ..
    Become to the monster of the movie 300 with chains on his neck ..
    Photo frame with Minion from the movie
    Edit your photos with Doris and Nemos dad with this effect ..
    Photo montage with Taylor Lautner of New Moon. ..
    Surround your photo with the characters from the childrens film Storks ..
    Photomontage with this movie poster, be the main character of the film. ..
    Murray The Mummy photo effect to put your photo. ..
    Photomontage to take a picture with Robert Pattinson from the movie..