Photomontage of two hands with a heart for your photo

Photomontage of two hands with a heart for your photo

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photomontage of two hands with heart for ur photo

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Express your love with this online two-hand photomontage holding a heart to put your photo and share it. Special for Valentines Day in which you can express your love by putting your favorite photo and creating a perfect love effect to print and give it to you. You have several designs with which to put your favorite photo inside hands that make the shape of a heart, with phrases like Lovers or that I love you. To do this design follow the following instructions: 1.- Select the type of effect to do. 2.- Upload the photo you want to frame and then just cut the photo to fit the heart. 3.- You already have the photo ready to download and share.

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Photo montage in which your photograph is framed within a heart made with hands. For the lovers declare their love. Ideal for e-mail on Valentine's..