Photo filter with the image of the flag of Colombia and your photo

Photo filter with the image of the flag of Colombia and your photo

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photo filter with the image of the flag of colombia and ur photo
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Start wearing the Colombian colors by selecting the one you like and clicking start.


Do you want to put the yellow, blue and red colors of the Colombian flag in your photo? If you want to support Colombia and put hashtah #fuerzacolombia is very simple, you only have to upload an image and in a second you will have your photo with the filter of the Colombian flag. These effects are ideal to support your national football team. Put your photo together with the image of the flag and ribbons with the emblem of Colombia. You can also choose the shield of the Colombian football team and do not forget to put it as your profile picture of your social networks showing your pride in the tricolor flag of Colombia, the flag that represents the great country of South America.

How to put the flag filter? It's very simple, the first thing you have to do is upload a photo that you want to decorate, then select any of the different filters that are available, in the next step you can adjust the image to the size you want and cut the piece that looks best and you have your image ready to download!

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