Free backgrounds for photos


Funds for pictures that you can do online for free with landscapes, birthday, love, fantasy ... So you can decorate your photos easily and quickly.
Put funds for online photos on your photos with the editor of funds, you have dozens to choose from and many themes.
Funds beaches, landscapes, waves and colors you can put on your images in a few seconds, you do not need to be an expert to add the best custom backgrounds and best of all, it's free!

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    Your online editor funds for photos, edit your images and give them a special touch. It will take a few seconds to add funds to your images in a very simple way with our photo editor funds in which you can add your own photos and create stunning designs creating a background for photos.

    Free backgrounds for photos

    Black photo frame with some glowwing lights of bright colors on the bottom and a round hole to put a..
    Online effect to edit and add your picture in a landscape with daisies ..
    Photo collage in a landscape of idyllic coastline and blue sky. ..
    Marco online with two hearts and background of a couple. ..
    Photo collage of autumn with a background of trees and a leaf shaped frame.  ..
    Beautiful green landscape where you can add your photo in the sun ..
    Online Red and blue light filter to edit your photo. ..
    Photo frame heart shaped burning where you can put your background photo. ..
    Love photo frame with a silhouette of two lovers kissing in the woods with the starry sky..
    Romantic photomontage with the Eiffel Tower. ..
    Forests and waterfalls in a natural collage, framed by a leaf. ..
    Photomontage of New York at the corner of Mama Sbarros. ..
    Online collage of a planet with red and blue light for your photos. ..
    Make a collage of a starry sky with your picture. ..
    Photomontage with Japanese landscape with Fuji mountain in the background in which your online uploaded picture will appear..
    Photo montage of two photos hanging on a clothesline with..
    Photo montage to put your photo on a street graffiti. You can use one of your photos parea create this..
    Put a picture in a love letter with a rose petal pink background. To complement the Valentine's gift, a card that you can print or email. Loving detail a memory to last the..
    Christmas card for editing. Congratulates the holidays with your photo. Ornate gold frame, red balls, like the background, hanging threads of light. use it for Christmas..
    Take a trip to the deep sea by uploading your photo to this online effect ..
    Romatico photo where you put your two pictures in a heart-shaped..
    Twitter background template with your photo: sky and..
    Beach background for twitter. To personalize it with your..
    Photomontage of a billboard in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background and several flags of..
    Special photomontage to put your photo on a planet ..
    Frame next to a yellow flower for two photos as an insignia. ..
    Create a personalized Valentine card for online. Fund for two photos, shown with two hearts in the sand on the beach as a photo..
    Photo Frame TV and rabbit. Customize with your..
    Post your reflection in a lake at sunset ..
    Photomontage with the illuminated Eiffel Tower in Paris and two hearts where to place your..
    Collage with the beach and a couple to put your photos in a heart. ..
    Photomontage to put your photo between good and evil. ..
    Funny Christmas photo effect where you can put two pictures on Christmas balls. Ideal to send as a..
    Collage for two photos heart-shaped and dolphins jumping. ..
    Spring frame with daisies and a blue background. ..
    Photomontage to put your photo inside a cupcake, surrounded by many. ..
    Composition with Corvette racing alongside your picture. ..
    Collage for two photos as hearts on a pink background field and a cloudy sky. ..
    Collage of love with two hearts drawn with chalk to put your pictures and a picture of a golden field with blue sky in the..
    Online photo frame in the form of an analog clock. ..
    Collage for two pictures with a romance scene in Paris in the 50s ..
    Classic autumnal landscape field with a frame for your photos...
    Collage of love to place two photos in color chocolate lollipops. ..
    Frame useful to fit your pictures in a Polaroid photo frame, as a mountain of souvenir pictures. ..
    Collage with two circle shaped frames next to a golden autumn leaf. ..
    Photo frame with pink hearts, to put your photo in..
    Photomontage of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to put your picture next to the picture. ..
    Online card for a sunset orange sky above a blue sea ..
    Collage to put a photo on a scene of awakening with an unmade bed. ..
    Romantic collage with two photos and the text infinite. ..
    Add your photo to a poster advertising of Dior in the Moulin Rouge in the red light district of..
    Wallpaper where you can put 2 photos and make a nice collage. ..
    Postcard with a girl and a butterfly showing a nice message. ..
    Photomontage to put your photo on a planet ..
    Effect to put your photo inside a bottle in a heart-shaped frame. ..
    Create a vintage style collage with a pocket watch. ..
    Put two pictures in the sand on the beach with a sunset background at the..
    Sailing collage with a paper boat on a painted background and a photo frame rudder-shaped. ..
    Create a twitter background photo of binary numbers in blue wit your..
    Collage with Chun-li from Street Fighter kicking while looking intently. ..
    Photo montage with a gold pocket watch. ..
    Card where you can put two photos heart-shaped with an idyllic landscape of sea and palm trees in shades of..
    Photomontage with a Brooklyn Bridge photo in New York and two semitransparent hearts to put your..
    Collage for a photo with a road at sunset. ..
    Collage of love on a tropical beach to put two photos on the sea while sun falls...
    Collage of three photos on a background of mountains and lake in a night scene. ..
    Customizable card with two photos heart-shaped with a sunset and the sea..
    Postcard of Antalya for your photos. ..
    Pink frame with hearts and bubbles background to put your..
    Postcard with your photo of the New York City..
    In this photo montage for large photos wit a white frame and grunge orange background with ink..
    You can create a poster with your photo and put it on the wall of a clothing store. ..
    Collage for two pictures with a diamond patterned green, pink and purple tweed. ..
    Frame for three photos with a backdrop of breathtaking scenery. ..
    Bread shaped dog with to put your photographs over the skin...
    Photomontage in the sea with an umbrella in the shape of a heart on a romantic background. ..
    Indie collage to put your photo on a background of a forest road and fractals. ..
    Montage with lots of souvenir photos and yours as special, facing camera. ..
    Twitter background of an ocean with dolphins, customizable with your own..
    Collage of waves and surfing with two photo frames shaped as surfboards. ..
    Customizable card for two photos in the form of hearts and a dolphin. ..
    Photo frame with the Indie princess; Florence Welch.  ..
    Customizable twitter wallpaper with your picture of a mountain..
    Background for twitter where you can put your photo, of ancient Egyptian..
    Customizable wallpaper with 3 photos, you can use as..
    Twitter background with your picture in a frame with a landscape of mountainous coastline with..
    Twitter background with your photo, with background image of Dubai and the Hotel..
    ancient Egypt Piramyds2  twitter background to put your..
    Twitter background template with your photo: surfer in the..