Photomontages and cards for babies with photos


Baby Cards to personalize with your photo. Cartoon postcards, birth greeting cards of a baby ... you just have to select the effect babies you like and upload a photo. In a few minutes you can download card also generated and even you can print.

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    These cards are cards you can use as birth when your baby is born and celebrate this birth. It's simple, you just have to select the effect you like, upload a photo to personalize it and if you want you can print totally free or send po email or social networks.

    Photomontages and cards for babies with photos

    Photo effect of a child frame to edit with your photo ..
    Photo effect of a baby wearing a suit to upload a photo ..
    Baby pacifiers that you can put on the photos you want ..
    Photomontage with two babies dressed as cooks to put them face. ..
    Cute photomontage to dress up as a baby with Santa Claus costume ..
    Virtual costume of a baby bear to make with a photo for free  ..
    Add your face to the baby of Storks movie with this mounting ..
    Circular blue frame perfect to add a photo of a baby ..
    Online Costume for babies in which they appear a blue and green butterfly, which mimics in a meadow with flowers in the foreground and a clear blue sky with white..
    Photo effect to celebrate the first year of your child. ..
    Photo frame for a baby girl ..
    Photo frame on a cloud ..
    Online letter to customize with a photo with a children design ..
    Frame for two photos with a beautiful baby to announce a pregnancy. ..
    Baby picture photo frame, where you see a child eating fruit and frame surrounded by..
    Celebrate the birth of your child uploading her photo to this effect ..
    Collage of babies to customize with two photos. ..
    Children photo effect with a pacifier to upload a photo ..
    Photo frame with a picture of a newborn hugging a stuffed..
    Photo frame for babies and toddlers bathing a..
    Photo frame with pictures of babies bears surrounding your..
    Photo frame for multi-effect baby photo. with an angel and a baby sleeping. For four..
    Postal framed to congratulate the birth of a child. ..
    Effect to wish a happy birthday to a baby ..
    Children photomontage with your photo of background and drawn landscape. ..
    Circular pink frame to decorate a picture of a baby girl ..
    Decorative card to celebrate a girl is born ..
    Christmas photo effect with a baby to upload your photo ..
    Photo frame with a little baby owl to decorate your pictures ..
    Photomontage baby with a colorful backdrop. ..
    Photo frame for photo of your babys with decorative toys  ..
    Photo frame surrounded by stuffed animals to put a picture of a..
    Photo frame with a baby to personalize with your photo. ..
    Child picture frame with a drawing of animals bathing ..
    Photo frame for children with green background, birds and a..
    Pink picture frame suitable for framing babies. Supplements appear newborn, and the stork flying with his pack at the..
    Childish photo Frame with babies drawn to personalize with a photo and..
    Card with a baby and a message ..
    Editable frame with a yellow duck perfect for baby pictures ..
    Celebrates the first year of your child with this card for a photo ..
    Photo frame to put a picture of Baby bear sleeping with the..
    Decorative picture frame special for baby girl and boy photo ..
    Frame with pink embroidered detail to the picture of a newborn girl. ..
    Customizable calendar with 3 photos of 2011. Especially for baby girl, by the predominantly pink. See a baby blue dress and children's clothes hung between soap bubbles and a smiling..
    Sticker of two baby footprints for your photos ..
    Decorative frame for children with a tender teddy bear and a sun ..
    Decorative frame for pictures of your baby and you can print it ..
    Photo frame for your photo with a baby footprint. ..
    Decorative pink frame with a baby where you can add your photo ..